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Yesterday was glorious!  I woke up early to go have breakfast with a friend before church.  I spent the half hour before church started drinking coffee and playing with babies and talking with friends and sang and danced with the band as they went through songs for that day.  I worshipped and sang and praised my God with all my heart.  And afterwards, I left to spend the afternoon with P and C… something we’d all been looking forward to the entire week.

So I spent the afternoon in a way that I realized I have often not allowed myself.  I listened to C as he gave us an afternoon concert on the organ and I ate homemade chicken salad and croissants and cookies (P is LEGENDARY for her cookies!) for lunch.  I sat and drank coffee and talked with P and snuggled with the dogs and listened to stories and more music and delighted in the things that C wanted to share with me.  I soaked in every bit of love and warmth and comfort and joy and peace that fills their home and that they have for each other and for me.

I came away from every part of the day feeling so relaxed… refreshed… no cares in the world!  Only the knowing that my heart was full and with the reminder that THIS was what is most important in life.  Time with and for the people I care most about on this earth, no matter what other things might try to pull me in a different direction.  From the time I got up to the time I fell into bed, this day was incredible in every way!

As I sat on the porch later that evening, eating chicken salad that had been sent home with me, the peace and the joy and the love and the smiles and the laughter still filled my heart.  I may have been by myself but every person that touched my life in some way yesterday was there with me.  They always will be!

A day well spent!  May I never lose sight of that when the days tend to want to be otherwise…. may none of us!