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One of my favorite stories in the Bible is Ruth.  It is a story of two women, one young and one older, whose friendship, love, and loyalty to each other and their committment to God carried them through a time when the world around them struggles. Each of their lives was blessed by the presence of the other.

I have a friend…. her name is P.  She is my Naomi. 

I’ve only known P and her husband C since December when I walked into my new church for the first time.  As we got to know each other in little bits and pieces over the next few weeks, I found myself looking for her and C first thing.  Drawn to her smile, her sense of strength, her warmth… even then I had no idea what an impact she would have on my life and my heart.  There was an instant “connection” with P… something that told her and I both that we were meant to be friends and in each other’s lives for reasons we had no idea of.

When the need for my surgery became known, she was there without a moment’s hesitation.  She was there during the surgery and she was there after.  She’s come to visit, she’s called to check on me daily, she’s taken me to the doctor, she’s taken me to the store and carried all my groceries in, she’s helped me change my sheets and do my laundry, she’s taken me to bible study and church and other places to get me out of the house until I can drive.  But most precious of all, she’s taken the time… to sit over coffee at the table and get to know this younger woman (that would be me!) and make me part of her life and her heart, trusting hers to mine as well. 

What an honor!  What a blessing!