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It has been almost a year since I wrote my last blog post about the “exodus” from my home due to flooding.  I haven’t written another word since…until this day.

At the time I had no clue that the following year would hold such intensity.  It was a year that held some joy, but it was also a year of such pain, fear, heartache and realization that it literally rocked me on my heels and left me without words.  I mourned the loss of those words, knowing there were stories to be told and encouragement to be given through them.  But try as I might, the words would not come.

And then I let it go, knowing that it would all come back when the time was right.  Not MY time…HIS time!

I’ve been wandering through my own personal wilderness, unsure of where I was going or if I would even arrive safely.  Despite letting it go, I began to wonder if my words would ever come back.

This morning I woke up at 6, started the coffee, and dodged the dogs playing at my feet as I went to get dressed.  Reaching into my jewelry box for a pair of earrings to wear, I came across these.

As I hooked them into my ears, I thought of the dearest woman who sent them to me and how we laughed about how fitting they were for me… CoppertoGold.  Sitting down with my coffee, I fired up my computer to find a simple 5 word email from her.

“I remember you most friend”

Then another voice that said “NOW is the time!  You may have been gone but you are not forgotten.  You have always been gold…you just forgot that you were.”

His timing was not mine…and I am once again humbled by it.

Now there are so many words that it may take me awhile to piece them all together, but they are back.

He is sooooooooo good!