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I think my most favorite time of the day is early morning… the time when I sit here at the table and gaze out the window as the day is dawning, thinking and writing and sipping coffee before I let the dogs outside.

And I marvel!

The view is dramatically different from what it was a few weeks ago.  The ground is carpeted with a thick layer of leaves in a multitude of colors that crunch loudly underfoot in the crisp fall air.  The quiet is peppered with the sounds of acorns falling on the asphalt as if it were hail, only to be replaced by the sounds of the squirrels scurrying onto my table outside hiding those precious nuts in my plant dish.  There are no deer right now (they’re here at night) but there are plenty of fuzzy squirrel butts scampering over the leaves and through the trees.  The leaves that still remain on the trees blow back and forth in the early morning breeze.  And I can see the lake from my window for the first time in months, sun glinting off the water with no campers blocking my view.  I can count the number of campers in the park right now on one hand. 

Peace… serenity… calm.

If anyone says God’s hand isn’t in all this glory, they are dead wrong!