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It’s all Joan’s fault!!! I am a confessed hummingbird addict! 🙂 Sharing some incredible pictures and stories about the hummingbirds that invade her little kingdom every year, she fascinated me with the creatures but try as I might… I could NOT get them to invade my house.

When I moved to the campground she once again said “Put a feeder up and they will come”. Yeah right J! But I did, putting two at opposing ends of my site in early April. Lo and behold, she was right! In two days I had the first of my hummingbirds which have grown in numbers over the summer to well over 30 at best count.

I’ve delighted in their hovering, dancing presence this summer. I’ve been divebombed by the lil guys sitting at the picnic table. I’ve stood quietly under the trees with a feeder in my hand, marveling at the fact that they feel comfortable enough to snatch a sip of nectar before I even get it hung up. I’ve watched the juvies grow, observing the way the adults teach them the ways of their world. I’ve stood by the feeders, small birds hovering close and chittering at me as I talk to them as if we were having the grandest of conversations. I’ve watched the adult males teach the young ones about the apparent dominance required when dealing with the females… and I’ve watched the females respect that natural dominance, waiting to take THEIR sips of nectar when the fellas are done. I’ve watched the throats of the juvenile males slowly splotch from pure white to splotches of red.

And I’ve watched them dance! Oh how they dance! They flit and zip and hover from side to side, never staying still other than to land on the feeder.

The other night I saw a different dance of theirs that I’d never seen before…one causing me to fly to the sofa and sit staring out the window. It’s common to see swarms of gnats in the grass in the early evenings… literal clouds of small gnats that magically disappear in an hour’s time. Such was the case that night as I sat inside eating supper. Out of the corner of my eye, there was something that struck me as different. As I looked out the window there were at least 20 hummingbirds who had joined in the swarming and the circling… gnats flying one way and the hummingbirds flitting in the opposite direction. A mini whirlwind of minute and small bodies in a dance that lasted about 10 minutes. The constant motion and grace, the flitting and swooping and diving were an incredible sight as they fed on those gnats. As quickly as it had begun, it as quickly came to an end. The feeders had been ignored until the dance was over. Then all the lil hummers started paying attention to the feeders as if to say “OK fun’s over now. We’ve got our protein… now it’s time to drink”.

Oh what a dance! What an amazing dance!  I felt as if I should stand in ovation at that spectacular performance, clapping wildly and hollering MORE!!!

Sitting at the window watching one of the females sip her nectar, pausing to look in at me and cock her head as I watched…. I coulda sworn she’d winked at me as if to say “Oh yeah there’ll be more”.

Yup I’m hooked!