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I woke up yesterday morning and sat with my coffee before getting ready to start the day.  It wasn’t shaping up to be anything extraordinary at that point but it turned out to be quite the opposite.

It turned out to be a day of “special”!

I was planning to head down the road about 60 miles to do some errands before meeting Joanie for lunch after she got off work, looking forward to some much needed girlfriend time with her.  Sitting there, she slid a small red box in front of me and said “Happy Birthday a few days late!  I saw these and thought of you.”  Nestled inside the white cotton were a pair of earrings… two small gold monkeys swinging from their tails.  And as true heart friends do, we both looked at each other and she said the same exact thing I was thinking at that moment… “Now the monkeys aren’t on your back anymore… they’re on your ears!”

God how I treasure those earrings…. but moreso how I treasure this friend of mine and her heart and everything about her!  They will always be a reminder of how incredible true friendship really is!

I returned to the camper, ready to finish out the day, sub sandwiches picked up on the way back for supper since I wouldn’t have time to really cook anything.  As I unloaded the car, friends who had come for the Labor Day weekend hollered to ask what I was having for supper.  Sub sandwiches I hollered back.  No you’re not she hollered in response, dismissing my protests with a wave of her hand.  And sure nuff… a plate of roast and potatoes and carrots arrived at the door not 30 minutes later.  I washed the dishes and delivered them back, staying to chat for a minute before heading back to sit outside for awhile before I crashed for the night.

It wasn’t 15 minutes later and my presence was requested at their camper.  In the glow of bucket lights and the glow of their faces sat a belated birthday cake… a toilet bowl with a “floater” and a caption that read “So it’s your birthday…who gives a s&*@??? WE DO!”

Oh my heart was full after this day of special…and I was brought to my knees once more by the love and hearts of friends, both likely and unlikely.