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On my days off I’ve been spending time at the house… sorting through things and packing up those that will be kept in storage for future use or for Amy in preparation for an auction that will hopefully sell items inside and the house as well.  When the decision was made to live in the camper I knew that it was only a matter of time before the house would have to go.  To continue paying for a house that has been unoccupied since February and will remain that way is ridiculous.  It has become a place for “stuff”… most of which is irrelevant and unnecessary in this life I lead now.

And so the process of sorting and packing begins.  A cathartic process for sure but a journey that is bittersweet and painful at times.

It’s been easy to just keep things around since there has been a basement and a second garage around to hold it.  I haven’t had to face the questions of whether those items are truly necessary to anyone or if they hold incredible sentimental value and need to be kept because…there’s always been room!!!

So I sit and sort through things…putting the keepers on one side of the basement and the things that will be sold on the other.  Occassionally I will lose myself for a short while, thumbing through Amy’s baby picture albums and reading the journal that I kept each day for the first two years of her life.  Tears are shed and tough decisions are made, sometimes with advice and often without.

When I finished up for the day I sat on my Nana’s stool from childhood and took a look.  The “goes” side was jammed.  The “keep” side was only a quarter of the size of the other but it was filled with the truly important pieces of my life and history, as well as Joker’s, that must be kept for our children and their families.

I feel no sense of loss… most of it is just “stuff” that clutters up our lives.  In the few boxes that remain lies my history, the important things in life, my legacy to my daughter and her children someday.

Life gets simpler every day!