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It’s been ages since I’ve allowed myself the time to sit and just write to my heart’s content.  There are times in all the hubbub that is life when I yearn to just sit and get all my thoughts and impressions down on “web paper” but it hasn’t happened yet.  It’s terribly difficult to do at home when the call to accomplish other things is strong.

So today seemed the perfect day to do just that!  I was going to do the errands that needed doing… and then the plan was to head to McD’s for some quality WIFI time and coffee until I could swim.

I’m here…. see???  22365

And for some reason the words won’t come…

So I’ll content myself with more coffee at the moment, hoping the caffeine will jar loose whatever thoughts I’ve been storing up.

Though there may be no words, at least there has been some precious “Me” time.