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My baby girl gave me a challenge the other day on the phone, following it up with a Mother’s Day gift that was truly ingenious…the gift of a “pro” Flickr account.  And the challenge?  To take a picture a day of something in my world and post it so that she and the rest of my family can share in what my days are like.  And so I am!

Amy and D have been doing a “365 Day” project, taking pictures of the things that are in their world as well.  I’ve delighted in checking the pages everytime I log on to see what is new for it gives me an incredible sense of connection in ways that phone conversations and emails can’t quite convey.  I’ve seen the things and images that captivate them in their everyday lives in Washington DC… inaugurations, cherry blossoms, kite festivals, self-portraits on rooftopsincredible pictures of the full moon… things I’ll never experience myself but can do it through their eyes.

It keeps me close.  I can totally appreciate the fact that Amy feels the same way and so today I activated my Flickr account and am now a “Pro”.

I accept your challenge Miss Lizard!!!  I sooooo love my Mother’s Day gift!

Be prepared to be amazed and awed by the portraiture of Rocky J Flying Toad and squirrels sitting in dog dishes.

It’s a day in my life.