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I have now been a campground host for a month now, living in a panorama of nature that is so glorious that it sometimes defies description and simplifying life even more than the simple way I already live.

The “season” is starting. The campground was packed this Easter weekend with families grouped together and enjoying the sunshine and mild temperatures in between the raindrops that threatened. I’ve met people from all over…. not just Illinois but from across the nation, using the park as an intended one night stop but often choosing to stay for another day just to enjoy the beauty of this place. People who aren’t known to us when they first come in but fast become known, stopping by to see if I need anything in town when they go or simply to say hello to I or the dogs. People who make it a point to stop on their way out of the park to say “see ya later” and they’ll see me again in a couple of weeks.

While I sit and write out permits I’m surrounded by activity. There are woodpeckers running upside down on the pole by the bird feeder. The groundhog who lives in the culvert peeks his head out every once in a while to keep an eye on what’s going on. The dogs are lying in the sun and chewing on their chewsticks until something catches their eye that’s worth barking at (which is just about everything). I catch glimpses of the pheasants as they run across the woods into their nesting area.

And I breathe in the peace… the beauty…the tranquility amongst all the activity…praising Him for what He has made.

Someone told me I had a dream job. I have to agree with them wholeheartedly!