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One of the most difficult times of my life was when my dad passed away 12 years ago.  Yet at a time of the greatest sorrow I’ve ever known, there was great comfort in knowing that he’d left a legacy of love for his family.  And as I spoke with the people who crowded the church to pay their last respects, I realized that he’d left a legacy for more people than just his family.  I listened to stories of his fairness and courage and humor and kindness to these people that they would never forget… that touched their lives in some way whether big or small.

And I walked away from that day vowing that I would live my life in ways that would leave just as large a legacy of love for those I love and for those whose lives I might touch in some way along the road.

It’s second nature to live the way that leaves a legacy of love for those close to me.  It’s the small things that fill my day… the emails and calls to friends and family that let them know how important they are to me.  Little things that over time become a huge legacy.

Sometimes more difficult with people who aren’t known to us on an every day basis.  My life as a campground host is filled with people who pass through… whether they stay for a weekend or a week.  And I’ve wondered… how do I or does my presence here even impact lives?  Is what I do enough?

A small scrap of paper tucked under the dog dish on the picnic table this morning answered that question.  A simple note from a couple from Maine who were passing through on their way to Oregon with two words on it… “Thanks Susan!”

And with those two words it all came home.

Am I impacting lives in this small world that I live in?  YES!

With a smile, a kind word, a moment spent with just them even though they may be just passing through…the giving of my time.

The little things that mean the most.