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If anyone were to ask you what your least favorite body part or feature was, what would you answer?

You know what I’m talking about… that one body feature that you’d like to hide from the world… the one that in your mind is just too bone-chilling ugly to have any purpose or redemptive value…the one that no one else could POSSIBLY love either because you’re positive that if they caught sight of it, swift flight would be imminent.

Mine would most certainly be my feet. Bunioned, calloused, slightly hammertoed, bent, with some toenails that defy cutting with even a chainsaw. Feet so painful at times that I’m limited to a specific brand of tennis shoes and perhaps an occassional pair of loafers. Sandals and heels??? FORGET ABOUT IT!!! I would rather have my feet encased in concrete and run over by a semi before I’d torture myself that way.

I spent years keeping these feet under wraps. Where others would run barefooted in the house, I ran around in stockinged feet. My recurring nightmare was the scene from Jaws where everyone was running out of the water… but it wasn’t a shark! It was my feet that sent them fleeing for their lives. And though I’m not a personal fan of Bratz dolls, I admit to a bit of envy when I realized that their feet came off and were interchangable. Their feet never hurt or had to be hidden… not so with mine!

The features I like the best? My eyes – the mirrors of my soul, almost incapable of masking what I’m feeling or thinking. They speak volumes about the joy and pain and hurt and laughter and love and lessons learned that are held inside, forever looking upward. My hands – small but strong, skin becoming thinner with age so that the veins are more prominent. There are some wrinkles and a few ages spots beginning to appear. Strong, tender and capable whether they are reaching out to scratch Joker’s back or in answer to someone’s need for help. And my heart – despite the bumps and bruises of life, it’s never lost it’s hope, devotion, committment or love that it takes to get through life. It’s both tough and tender at the same time. And some say it can be seen in my eyes.

There is a certain beauty in the way those 3 “parts” work together every day… seeing what is and should be and working with hands and heart to make it right.

But my feet as part of the equation??? NO WAY Jose!

I wasn’t buying that idea until I happened across Romans 10:15 – As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” All of a sudden I was looking at my feet in a whole different way.

My feet ARE beautiful!!! For they carry me towards what my eyes see so that my heart and hands can do the work in whatever small way possible. This world may have rendered them calloused and worn, but in that there is beauty unsurpassed.

I’ll never look at my feet in the same way again.