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Joker and I woke up to an additional 3″ of fresh snow that fell overnight which on most days that he would have off would be just fine and dandy.  We could lay around all day and watch tv and eat chips and salsa and get crumbs everywhere.  But today was the day we were scheduled to pick up our new camper so we were both up early and figuring out how to get it in front of the house in all this mess.

The schools may be closed…. but we are going!!!

They haven’t plowed our road yet… but we are going!!!

So off we went, knowing that we wouldn’t be bringing it back to the house immediately due to the snow and a rather large hill on the way into our private road where it will be parked.  Until the snow is gone it would be futile to try and get it in there but we opened the gate at the end of the road so that MAYBE…. just MAYBE the plows would go all the way down and through rather than stopping at the gate.  And if they did?  We just might get that baby home where it belongs tomorrow.

By the time we’d done the walkthrough and signed all the papers it was past noon and the main highways and roads were clear as a bell.  We still thought it best to take it to the D’s for the night at least, not wanting to chance the hill in the event that the plow crew wasn’t feeling generous about pushing snow off our road.

Needless to say, we were the only lunatics on the road pulling a camper!  And I know that if people looked inside that truck at the two people with the big stinkin’ grins on their faces, they had to think we were totally certifiable.

And of course when we got to the house???  The road was plowed and the hill was totally free of snow or ice.  We could’ve brought it home after all.  Better safe than sorry though!

So tomorrow evening it comes home where it belongs and my work begins the next day when I go to unload the old motorhome and start organizing our new home on wheels.

And on February 21st we’ll head to Hot Springs, coming home a week and a half later to start the newest part of our great adventure called life together.  It won’t be here at the house… it will be in our home on wheels back at Beaver Dam.

I can’t wait!!!