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From the moment I committed myself to participating in this project, I knew it was something special!  Something that swelled to such magnitude was bound to not just go into the good night once the deadline had passed and project was (so-called) complete.  It captured the hearts and minds of women whether they are mothers or not and gave them a voice.

And they weren’t ready to stay quiet even though the deadline of Christmas Day had passed!

Because of that, Seth and Amber (the woman for whom the Mother Letters were first intended) have decided to reprise the effort with a Mother’s Day Edition.  If you didn’t have the chance to participate in the original Mother Letters, now is your chance!  Words don’t do justice to what a blessing it was for all of us involved.  So now’s the time to commit… go here  to find out all the details.

For those who have already written an original Mother Letter and would like to have a copy of the Mother’s Day Edition???  You can get one BUT… yes, a BUT… Seth and Amber ask for a pledge of 10 cents for each letter that is submitted for the Mother’s Day Edition which will go to a local relief organization in Africa that deals with women’s/mother’s issues in order for you to receive it.  The organization at this point is yet to be determined but knowing the two of them they will choose one that can make a difference!

So now I take off the white gloves… for my pledge is NOT 10 cents a letter submitted… it is 20 cents a letter.  With submissions to the first edition running at 500, it’s my hope that this new edition far surpasses it!  Yes I will be writing another letter and praying that the rest of you work at taking my pledge to heart, perhaps even upping your own.

For in giving even that little bit to those who need it, I become a far richer woman in so many ways.

The challenge is on!!!!  Please let me know what you are doing to make this Mother’s Day Edition the greatest blessing ever.