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You would think from looking at the condition of the living room floor at the end of the day that I’d had a houseful of little ones running amuck without the benefit of adult supervision.  Such is not the case!  Instead, the chaos that ensues in the living room…. AND the kitchen… AND the bedroom is the handiwork of one 7 month old puppy and his collection of well loved toys.

This new “child” of mine is sooooooo deprived!  NOT!!!


Bear in mind that the collection presented before you is only partial.  There is also an assortment strewn throughout two other rooms which presents me with the daily challenge of simply trying to walk through the house without breaking my neck!  Needless to say, my attempts at trying to teach him how to pick up his toys falls flat on it’s face.

Harley is now 7 months old and fast becoming a “big boy”.  He gets his big boy bark out when needed, hasn’t had an “accident” for a long time at night now, and hasn’t dissected any more curling irons or fan cords with his teeth.  He contents himself with trying to beat his big brother Laddie to the food dish, tossing EVERY toy in the house around giving each one the same attention, playing tooth hockey with my arm off and on, and following me into the bathroom every chance he gets.

Even though there is still so much puppy in him, I’ve been lulled into what turns out to be a false sense of security.  For I woke up one morning to find this…


Somehow I don’t think I had a giant mouse in the house overnight!


Gotta love him!