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Coffee in hand and dogs at my feet, I start my day in the morning quiet.  Sitting here with thoughts of my family and friends, life and what it will bring my way this day…alone in my thoughts as I start to travel to my bloggy friend’s “houses”… and find I’m not alone.

There are a BUNCH of us thinking this early in the morning!  🙂

My final stop is over at Amber’s and once again her writing set me back on my heels and brought tears to my eyes.

There is no greater joy that God has given us than to be mothers!  As I read her words, my heart and mind were flooded with thoughts of my Amy, of rocking her in my arms in a mommy-hug, holding her close as her sweaty little body collapsed into mine like a lead weight… totally entrusting me with her care and wellbeing.  I won’t let you go little one!  Twenty-seven years later, that feeling washes over me as if  it were yesterday just as it washes over me everytime I am able to take her in my arms in person.

But in a way I had to let her go… she’s off making a life for herself in the nation’s capital far away from Mom’s arms.  Her life is a whirl of work and inaugural balls and concerts and seats for the ceremony tomorrow and church and friends.  I can’t protect her from all of the bumps and bruises that life may hand her.  I can’t take her in my arms anytime I want to or she needs it… I can only be there on the end of the phone line… invisible arms reaching out to hold her close even through the miles.

When she was a teenager, I often heard the words “Mom you’ve got to let go sometime”.

That’s where you were wrong baby girl!  I don’t have to.  I have in some ways but not in the most important way… for you are in my prayers every single moment of the day!!!

In the safeness and security of His invisible arms we BOTH rest!

I am my mother’s daughter and you are mine… but we are both His daughters and secure in the knowing that we’ll never be let go!

And the thought of that makes the whole world right.