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There is nothing like starting the day with coffee in hand, cranking up the computer, and finding an email from your daughter! 

A lives and works in Washington DC – a far cry from the Kansas prairies she was born and raised in or the small town life her mother leads now.  In her life she is exposed to people and things and goings-on that most people in life wouldn’t ever have the chance to experience.  Lord knows her mother hasn’t!


Seriously though, she’s working and living in a city where history is made and that at this moment is revolving around the inauguration of our next president.  She organizes successful fundraising events and deals with people from all over the world.  She has seated tickets for the inauguration, has to deal with barricades and ID checks, speaks to people every day that most of us only read about… my only thoughts as I read her latest missive were how incredibly remarkable this child of mine’s life is.

What is remarkable?  The dictionary tells us it is something that is “Attracting notice as being unusual or extraordinary, far beyond what is usual, normal, or customary”.  Most of us would say that we lead very UNremarkable lives.  Our days are normally filled with the “usual”… the errands, the cups of coffee, the kids, the dogs, the husbands.  Our phone calls are generally with the grocer or the pharmacy or the neighbor.  The “same old same old”.

Yes… A leads a remarkable life.  She’s experienced things and gone places that few of us will in our lifetime.  But those things and events are NOT what make her the truly remarkable young woman that she is.

It’s the love of the Lord that shines in her as she goes through her day doing even the “unremarkable” things.  It’s the heart and the character and the love with which she tackles her days.  It’s her commitment to family and friends.  It’s the heart of a young woman who doesn’t know a stranger.  It’s her depth and her warmth and her sense of humor and her gentle spirit.  And it’s the always knowing where her source of strength comes from.

It is the things that many might consider unremarkable which make her TRULY remarkable… a lesson for all.  Because it is in all of our so-called unremarkability that our remarkableness shines through.

That’s my girl!