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For several months now I’ve been talking about the Mother Letter Project… the most incredible Christmas gift put together by what we believe to be one of the sweetest husbands in the world for his wife.  Those of us who have become involved in the project have anxiously been waiting for the day that our copy of those letters comes by email.

Well guess what???

TODAY WAS THE DAY!!!  And let me tell you people, I am excited beyond words and can’t wait to get to the business of reading it and losing myself in all those precious words from literally hundreds of women.

If you’re still not familiar with this project, go check it out!  I for one consider it an honor to have been included in it.

And for those of you who are familiar or who have been involved in it, PLEASE stop by Rocks In My Dryer so you can find out just who this sweet husband really is and about his wife for whom it was intended.

Seth… you had no idea you’d touch so many women’s lives and hearts did you???