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100_01691Harley, the latest addition to the family, is now 6 months old.  In the 4 months that he’s been with me, I think he’s been in a real honest to goodness house MAYBE a sum total of 3 weeks.  He’s grown up so far living in the rv and spending most of his time outdoors with Laddie.  His world revolves around squirrels and birds and eating and sleeping.  He’s quite unused to certain “things of this world”.

Like vacumn cleaners….

So it shouldn’t have surprised me one bit when I heard the commotion from the living room…the growling and ohhhhhhhhh the barking!!!  Combine that with the “puppy attack” stance he’d positioned himself in and I had myself one ferocious little guy on my hands.

Until I turned on the vacumn cleaner!

Then he turned tails and hid under the desk.

So much for his bravado!