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Today Amy sent me an email… “Mom could I have the recipe for molasses cookies again cuz I can’t find mine?”  And as I sat typing it out for her, I couldn’t help but remember all the years she and I spent making a complete wreck out of the kitchen because molasses cut-out cookies…the flour dusted everywhere in an attempt to roll the dough out…the sprinkles that managed to escape onto the floor that crunched under our feet until the vacumn came out…the cookie dough that somehow escaped the cutters and wound up in our mouths… the discovery that raisins and icing make better eyes and buttons than those little silver balls that break your teeth.  These cookies were a major pain in the rear to make but they were worth every bit of the effort with the memories we created.

For to Amy, it just wasn’t Christmas without those cookies to leave out for Santa.  For me, it just wasn’t Christmas without that day of endless baking with my precious daughter.  Twenty-seven years later, those cookies are still important and she’s carrying on the tradition.  Just as I have learned to do with MY mom oh so many years ago.

I have officially passed the torch!!!!

Wish I could’ve been with her tossing flour everywhere.  Bet they were the bestest tasting cookies EVER!!!