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A week ago I had every intention of just sitting down and working on my Mother Letter before I headed for Kansas, getting it knocked out and sent off.  I sat down all right!  And I wrote… and wrote… and wrote.  I mean…. how hard can it be to write a letter about what being a mother is all about?  Piece of cake, right?


In the life experience that is motherhood there is much to write about.  Almost too much!  And as a result, I have pages of randomness that aren’t tied together in any coherent fashion.  They will be but for the moment they are pieces of my heart sitting randomly over the pages.  Because for each thing I write down, there is another memory… another thought… some laughter… and a few tears that need to be shared.  So today I will keep writing in the hopes that maybe I can get some of the randomness put together into something that might make some sense.

Who knows?  Maybe the randomness will speak to some mothers… after all… motherhood IS a lot of “flying by the seat of your pants” and taking it as it comes!

I strongly urge every mother who might happen upon my pages to write their own letter whether you send it to The Mother Letter Project or not.  For it is an experience in itself… one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but one I’ve been incredibly blessed by in the process.

Thank you Danny for this gift to your wife that will be one of the most treasured gifts to every mother as well who participates!

It’s a good thing you told me to take my time!