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Believe me… the list is long with things that need to get done around here this weekend before I head out for Kansas in a few days.  But as I sat catching up on some of my daily blogs last night I found another “project” to add to the very top of the list!

The Mother Letter Project… letters from mothers TO mothers… women sharing their hearts with other women...letters of thoughts and frustrations and joys and laughter and tears and rememberances and encouragement that will be compiled by a blogger’s husband for his wife for Christmas with copies sent to those who’ve contributed as well.

Is that not the sweetest most heartfelt most incredibly wonderful thing for a husband to do???

From the minute I read about the project I knew I had to be part of it!  So today in between all the “things to do” I will be writing my letter… and probably re-writing it a jillion times until I get it to say just what I want.  Because as I lay in bed last night, my mind wouldn’t stop thinking about which incredible part of motherhood I wanted to write about.

I’ll probably call “do-overs” several times!

Please consider being a part of this incredible project and let me know if you do.  And pass the word!  For this is an incredible opportunity for mothers to share.  Just go here and get started!