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Written September 25, 2008

Last weekend Harley discovered his big boy bark.

It surprised me!

It surprised HIM! The look on his face when it came out was priceless.

He hasn’t left the puppy squeals behind totally though. This week has been a mix between the squeals with a few barks thrown in for good measure. This weekend he’s delighted in using that big boy bark to say hello to the people in the campground as they walk or ride their bikes past, looking at me afterwards as if to say “How about THAT Mom?”

He’s also starting to get used to this camping life. Where he was at first indignant about the concept of being tied to a tree, he’s now discovering a whole new world within his 10 ft. radius. There are little playmates scurrying around on the ground to chase, rocks to chew, sticks to eat, leaves to play with and butterflies to catch.

And best of all? Pestering his incredibly patient big brother Laddie!

Growing up to be such a big boy… but still such a puppy!