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This month’s series at church is about being fearless… fearless in life because of our faith in our God.  Today dealt with the “lions” that we all have in our lives… the fears that we must look to God with complete faith to overcome.  We all have lions, big and small, that we have to deal with.  I dealt with one today.

I’ve played the piano since I was 6.  Though a bit rusty because I don’t practice much, I’m still pretty good if I do say so myself! I learned to play by reading music, but I’ve always been envious of those who can just sit down and play… no music in front of them.  I’ve never been one of those lucky ones though.  I need the music and I’ve never been that great at just chording on a whim.  Throw me a sheet of music and give me plenty of practice time and I’ll knock your socks off!

So when I was talked into playing keyboard in the worship band, the decision to do so didn’t come without some fear.

Ok… a lot of fear!

I’ve battled the “lion” of doing things perfectly for more years than I can remember.  As I get older, it’s gotten easier to accept my imperfections.  I’ve given up the idea in most areas of my life that I have to be perfect in order to be loved and accepted.  Last week when I went early to practice with the band, I fumbled my way through chording that was new to me… and even though I pretty well had the hang of it, I chose not to play during service that week.  I let the “lion” get the best of me.

I worked on those 4 songs this week and became more comfortable with playing just by chording, knowing full well we wouldn’t be doing those same songs this week.  I was determined to tackle what I was handed and play during service even if it meant just playing the bottom notes if I had to. 

And instead of praying for perfection, I asked God to simply bless this precious gift He’d given me and use it to glorify His Name no matter how many missed notes or clunkers.

Oh how He blessed me this morning and answered that prayer!

I played… and I missed some notes… and I hit some clunkers, but I survived it.  I had a blast!  And not one person said a word about them, but instead said that THEIR prayers had been answered with the addition of those keyboards to the band.

Thank you Lord for answering so many prayers today no matter how small the requests may seem in the scope of the world today.

Something tells me God was up there rockin’ out too!