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We’ve all got one!  One of those neighbors that when you look out the window you can’t help but wonder WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY DOING OVER THERE??? Today I found myself looking out the window and wondering just that…. for about the millionth time.

These are neighbors who, when they DO mow their yard, usually also mow over whatever might be laying in the yard.  So far the dogs and kids are accounted for. However I think several shoes have lost their lives.  I’ve heard the screams.

Scratch, scratch, scratch!

These are the neighbors who put up one of those store-bought above ground pools last summer.  Two weeks later it sounded as if the house had blown up.  It was only the pool which then lay in the yard in tatters for the remainder of the summer destined to be a dog toy.  I believe it was mowed over as well!

Scratch, scratch scratch!

These are the neighbors who had a corner of their garage roof collapse this spring.  The immediate solution to this was to spend three days trying to prop the roof up with broom handles.  When it became apparent that broom handles were not going to do the trick nor was he able to stand for hours on end holding that broom handle, they began to “re-build” (and I use the term loosely) the roof.  This consisted of large sheets of 1/4 inch plywood covered with shingles which was then propped against the top of the roof, slanting down to be secured to two by fours in two corners.  But they didn’t stop there!  Walls were torn down and new 1/4 inch plywood was put up with no insulation or extra support beams.  Siding was ripped off of the old shed in back and put on and a VERY large sheet of (you guessed it!) 1/4 inch plywood was used to make a garage door which hinged from the side.  IF nails were used to put this together, it just might stand a chance against holding up under a light breeze!  This little project took over a month to finish.  It’s a thing of beauty.  At least I THINK it’s finished.  Built to last?  I’m not so sure!

Scratch, scratch, SCRATCH!

I thought the quota of “projects” had run out for the year.  I was wrong!  For as I looked out the window last weekend I was greeted by the sight of 4 people armed with shovels attempting to level out a very large portion of the yard.

*Please keep in mind that I live in a hilly area.  Property with ANY kind of flat surface is almost impossible to find.  I’m thinking that leveling anything around here is simply an exercise in futility… and I was right!

The next day dawned to the sight of the largest piece of sheet metal laying in the yard that I’ve ever seen… one continuous sheet of it that wormed through the yard and folded over on itself.  That was 5 days ago!  It is still in the same basic position that it was that day with the addition of large rolls of plastic and a garden hose added to the mix.  The only exception to the position occurred when I noticed 4 people in a “kumbaya circle” holding it in what was NOT a circular position for almost 5 minutes while a strong debate went on.

I do believe it’s going to be another pool!  But not one of the store-bought ones that might actually hold water if taken care of properly.  This one looks as if it will be built with plastic bags and pieces of an old shed.  If this one explodes?  The schrapnel could travel for miles!  Especially if they decide to mow what yard might be left to mow.