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I survived the first two days back at work in fine shape!  And it’s been a crazy two days, both emotionally and physically. 

What fun to walk in the door to familiar faces and tons of hugs!  And equally as much fun to meet the new faces that have appeared in our “family” in the six weeks I was gone.

What a rush it’s been to experience all the new things that go along with my promotion… the keys, beginning to move into a new office, learning about numbers and reports that I had no need to know about until now, sitting in on meetings that I’m now included in, and learning my own passcodes.  And to come home at the end of the day, bone tired but so invigorated!

Ok so it WAS a little freaky this morning when I let myself into the store with my own keys rather than calling to have someone let me in! 

How gratifying it is to realize that I know more than I thought I knew and to be able to use what I know in ways I once thought wouldn’t be possible.

How incredible it felt to hear a special someone’s voice when he called just to find out how my first day back was.

How blessed I feel to love my job and the people I work with so much that I actually look forward to going!