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Six weeks ago I started medical leave because of my surgery and I wondered if it would EVER end.  Tomorrow I’m going back to work and I wonder where the time went.  What’s with that???

I started that six weeks with lists, both on paper and in my head.  Things I wanted to accomplish while I had the time off to really work on them and not have to juggle around work.  The first and most obvious task was to recuperate from surgery… accomplished with flying colors!  I cleaned the “junk” drawer in the kitchen and was then inspired to clean and organize the rest of the drawers and cabinets.  I did a massive clothing purge of the closets and drawers, packing away what remained neatly.  I cleaned and organized my paint room so that I could work more efficiently when I wanted to.  I planted rose bushes and flowers even though that really wasn’t on any of my lists.  I cleaned and organized the workshop garage.  I re-sealed the bathtub.  I touched up the paint on the basement floor.  I made repairs to some of my garden “doodads”.  I washed the car.  I tackled the bathroom and linen cabinets… and won!  I’m still working on putting away the stacks of music that are sitting on the living room floor as well as cleaning out things on the computer.  My lists are pretty well finished!

Little did I realize back then that the most important things that I would accomplish in these weeks and the lessons I would learn from them weren’t on any list!  I went on an emotional and spiritual journey that has strengthened me in the most amazing ways.  I experienced moments that deepened my appreciation for life, all it holds, and what is truly important in it.  Moments that strengthened my comittment and conviction as to how I wish to live this life. Moments so achingly sweet and tender that brought me to tears and to my knees, knowing that I had touched and seen the face of God.

I learned how to accept the help I needed (and perhaps didn’t need at times) with grace and without guilt when it was given.  I experienced the most incredible acts of friendship and love I could ever imagine.  I grew more committed to those friendships and held fast to them.  I re-learned the joy of simply taking the time to be “quiet” and stop what I might have been doing at the time because I didn’t want to miss the moment that was presenting itself.  I experienced days and moments of such simple joy and overwhelming happiness that my heart felt as if it were about to burst with all that was inside.  I allowed myself the luxury of doing what fed my soul over the daily tasks I could’ve found to fill my day, finding out that my life was richer because of it.  AND finding out that the “everyday daily grind” was much easier to deal with when I took that time first!  I re-realized that you don’t always find what you want and need when you are searching… you find it when you least expect it, when you’re NOT looking, and in the grandest ways!  I grew to know myself better than I ever have before. 

And I grew ever closer to my God!

I’ve filed away each and every memory, feeling, experience, tear, fear, smile, laugh and lesson learned in my heart… every piece of these weeks.  May I never lose sight of these precious days and what they have given me!  I’m a richer woman because of it.

From my lips to God’s Ear!!!