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It’s official!  I’ve been cleared for “active duty” and will be returning to work on Monday.  I will no longer be rolling out of bed and trying to figure out what to wear…. because it will be khaki pants and some varying style of red shirt.  Oh yes… and “real” shoes!  For I will no longer be able to wear my somewhat battered tennies that were acceptable before.  I’ll be walking in the front door of that store facing the challenges of a new promotion, in leather dress shoes that will more than likely kill my feet by the end of the day, moving into a new office, greeting old friends and co-workers and trying to learn the new faces and names that have appeared since I was gone. 

And I’m ready!

I DO know one thing…. I won’t be walking into a mess.  Joanie has been “in charge” of my department for the past 2 months and has done a FABULOUS job.  I will be walking back into work that is being done well ahead of time, paperwork that is current, and plans for the weeks ahead that are in place.  She’s not only stepped up to the plate… she’s been hitting homeruns for 6 weeks now.  I’ve watched as she’s developed a deeper confidence in her abilities and in her leadership and I’ve rejoiced in her accomplishments. 

I’m so very proud of her!  And I’m so very thankful to count her as a co-worker… but most importantly…. I’m blessed and honored beyond belief to count her as my best friend!