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I TOLD myself I wasn’t going to do this this year.  There was no reason for me to be planting a garden full of flowers when my main focus should be recuperating… I had no business lifting and stooping and digging and weeding!  But did I listen to that little voice of mine?

NO!  On a day when the balmy May breezes blew and I was feeling like myself again, I passed by a flat of vinca and rose bushes and daisies and several hanging baskets and finally told that little voice to HUSH! as I loaded it in my car.  How I enjoyed that day!  Planting and digging and working with my hands and getting dirty and having quite a conversation of praise and thanks with God.  Now I could sit back and enjoy the explosions of blooms and colors.

I forgot something!  In all honesty, I really didn’t forget it… I just ignored that part of the little voice that told me that this day would be coming.

Because while God made the flowers and the glorious weather, he also made the weeds and the scorching heat of summer.  Guess what I’ll be doing this evening???  You got it!  Weeding in the heat before I can no longer see the blooms that I so lovingly planted just 2 weeks ago. 

It won’t be a pretty sight.  Tank top and shorts, hair pulled up, sweaty, dirty… I dare say even a bit stinky by the time it’s all over.  And still I will be praising and thanking God for the day He made and all that’s in it… for He made this kind of day too even though it may not be MY idea of the perfect day!

I won’t be alone.  The dogs will be out there with me probably thinking that I am totally nuts for doing this while they lay underneath the porch in the shade.

As will this fella… just in case I need a reminder to stick with it!