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My baby girl dog Sassy is not living up to her name tonight.  She started the day that way, alternating between bouncing up and down at the side of the bed and diving underneath it until I rolled myself out of bed to start the day. 

Her day is usually spent alternating between exploring the neighborhood a zillion times a day, laying underneath the bird feeder in the garden watching the birds and squirrels feed, snuggling with Laddie, protecting the mailbox from the mailperson, scratching at the door to come in because dang it it’s hot outside, crashing onto her blanket for a quick nap in front of the fan, sneaking onto the arm of the chair to stand and watch the world, coming in to jump in my lap and watch me type for awhile before letting me know she wants out because “darn it Mom there is a squirrel on the feeder that MUST BE CHASED… I KNOW there is because I haven’t been outside for 5 minutes!”, going out to give chase only to turn around and want back in because she KNOWS I’m cooking something and a bit of it just MIGHT drop on the floor as she’s poised with her little rear-end wiggling in the air.

This is one busy dog!

Tonight she’s not doing any of that.  She went to the vet today and was spayed, coming home with an incision that is smaller than mine!  I knew she was going to ignore me when she got home because of the indignities and put on a sulk to end all sulks.  After all, this was NOT the way I’m sure she chose to spend her day!

I shouldn’t have worried about her being mad at me … the minute she saw me, her eyes lit up even though she was still a little too dopey to do her signature “Sassy Wiggle”.  I still knew she was saying “my mom is here!”  Though she’s a bit reluctant about sitting down and we’ve had a few whimpers and I haven’t been out of her sight for a second, she is doing fine.

And yes, tonight she’s in my lap with Laddie laying at our feet in his “mother hen” mode.  I had to help her up but this is where she wants to be… in the shelter of my arms with my hand stroking her head and shoulders… her eyes looking at me with  love and complete confidence and trust in my loving care… no recrimination for what she went through. 

I am forgiven without a second thought!  She’s put her complete faith and trust in me.  She KNOWS I love her no matter what she’s gone through and that I’ll always take care of her.  She’s laying here on my lap whether my hand is stroking her fur or not and is confident in her knowing that I am here with her and always will be.  All her confidence, her love, her devotion, her trust  for me is here even though she went through a day she would more than likely not prefer to repeat.  She is at rest in my care and my love.

How like us, His children, in so many ways.  I cannot help but think about His hand that is upon me always!  Comforting me… strengthening me… celebrating with me… never apart from me.  It matters not what the day hands me, I am at rest and confidant in the KNOWING.  He is always there.

I am forgiven!