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Randomness….. total randomness!

  • Thank you God… for the rain.  Thank you God for the wind.  Thank you God for the sun.  Can I be so bold as to ask you for some more of the sun now please?  And maybe a little less humidity?  Thank you very much!
  • When Mom tells me… what kind of weather she’s having in Kansas, it never fails that within 2 days we have the exact same kind of weather here in Illinois.  She told me a couple of days ago it was humid… guess what?  It’s here!
  • And to top that off…  I decided to turn on the air conditioning for just a little while to chase some of this ick out of the house.  Nothing!  Checked the breaker box.  Fine!  Called the repair guy… he’ll be here tomorrow morning.  This may be the longest hot flash known to man!
  • What a glorious day yesterday… at Pastor’s house.  I was invited to join family and a few friends for a combination Memorial Day BBQ and birthday party for one of the kids.  Hours filled with incredible food, non-stop talk and laughter, watching the kids tear around the yard and pool, and wet hugs galore!  I came home exhausted…. with a full tummy and an even fuller heart.  What a blessing these people are in my life!
  • The countdown stands at… 3 weeks till I get back to work.  I’m ready but there are still soooo many things I want to get done around here before I go back.  Planting flowers and rose bushes, dusting, deep cleaning some parts of the house, working more on my needlepoint designs, REALLY organizing the workshop/garage…but none of it will get done today.  There’s just something about sitting right here with two fans blowing on me that speaks louder than the chores do.
  • Have I mentioned… that it’s HUMID???
  • My bestest friend in the whole world…  just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas.  Dadgummit I’ve missed her!  J and her hubby were asked to go along with the tribe of kids that think of them as their second mom and dad over the years as they’ve grown up.  And they had the time of their lives!
  • I’ll be taking the cruise too…. as I know we’ve got hours of stories to go through and I wanna hear every one!  Not to mention the 600+ pictures that are waiting to be seen.
  • Wait until… she has grandbabies!
  • J keeps mentioning… that this would be a FABULOUS mother-daughter trip for Mom and I.  I have to agree!  Some of my fondest memories are of the mother-daughter trips she and I used to take to Kansas City every summer for a few days.  We’d do nothing but shop and eat and relax and play gin till we couldn’t see the cards anymore.
  • Mom????
  • Hint hint hint!
  • Oh Mommmmmmmmmm??????
  • The great semi-cross country adventure… for A is about to start as she starts to pack up her things for her move to Washington DC and a new job.  I’m so excited for her…. nervous and scared too.  But she walks with God solidly and without fail through her days and I KNOW His hand will be on her every step of the way!
  • Have I mentioned… that it’s HUMID!!!!!!!