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I find myself a bit of a creature of habit in the mornings.  I bounce out of bed (more energetically each day I heal), turn on the coffeepot, let the dogs out for their morning duties, and take my coffee in to the computer and fire it up for the day. 

Once connected???  Email first and then I settle in to read the blogs I refuse to miss each day.  And as I read today’s from Big Mama, I was lost in thoughts of my beautiful girl-child so many years ago.  You can read her post here.

Ohhh how I remember those feelings!  And ohhhhhh how I feel them still!

A is not 4…. she’s coming up on 27 and she’s become one of the most beautiful young women I know both inside and out.  She’s smart, funny, determined, gorgeous, talented, dedicated, courageous, and fiercely in love with the Lord.  And though it’s not preschool, she’s embarking on a new adventure in her life.  After receiving her masters degree from LSU, she is on her way to our nation’s capital to start a new job and embark on a new phase of her life.

I’m constantly filled with amazement at the tenacity and courage of this girl-child of mine.  As she goes into this new phase of her life, I feel much like Big Mama.  I’m excited for her, I’m scared for her, I’m so thrilled for her! 

I can’t hold her hand physically as she walks into her new adventure.  She’s a big girl now as she has been known to tell me over the years.  But I will be there every step of the journey in my heart and with my prayers.

For “When we loosen our grip, He tightens His!”

Every blessing my darling child!