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I’m ashamed of myself!  In the hubbub of what was this week, I’ve neglected to write and as a result there is a jumble of life just knocking to get out of my head.

Could be the last of the pot of coffee…. could be the fact that I’m actually taking the time to sit down before I’ve worn myself out to the point of just falling over!

  • I AM SO PROUD…. of my beautiful girl-child A who graduated from LSU with her masters degree in PR and marketing yesterday!!!  My heart aches that I wasn’t able to be there in person to see it even though I was there in spirit every single second.  And I am so excited for the new opportunities that she’ll face in a new job in our nation’s capitol.  Scared too…. but hey!  I’m a mom! 
  • The countdown ended on Wednesday… I was actually allowed to get in the car and DRIVE!  Which has turned into small impromptu errands…. which has then turned into long naps once I get home.  Little steps at a time…. but dang it’s hard to keep from just jumping into the swim of things!
  • My biggest little trip… was yesterday.  I headed to the Big Bullseye for the first time in two weeks feeling just a bit wierd to be dressed in “real clothes” and not red and khaki.  J and I were heading to a late breakfast after she got off work, but I spent the hour and a half before then catching up with smiles and hugs from these friends who have become my second family and are such a part of my heart!  Dang I miss them!  And I’ve still got 4 more weeks of this!
  • What a joy J is… she is not only my co-worker…. she is my best friend!  And I’m going to miss her like crazy for the next 10 days as she’s off on a once in a lifetime cruise to the Bahamas with her family and the extended group of young men for whom she’s been a second mom for so many years.  I can’t wait to be able to hear about every single second of it for this trip has so very much meaning for her. 
  • Tomorrow night I take the “figurative” plunge… when I am baptized by immersion as an adult.  As I was growing up, infant baptism was the only choice given in the churches I attended.  While I was baptized as an infant, I have not yet been baptized as an adult even though my choice to live for God was made long ago.  It’s time…. and I am rejoicing in it!

And for the moment?  I think I’m caught up.