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While my daughter was growing up, there always seemed to be a certain “look” on my mom’s face and in her eyes.  One that combined sympathy but also a LOT of concealed amusement.  And I heard a lot of “It all comes full circle”, “What goes around comes around”,  and the “You’ll get it back someday”!

At the time I was in the throes of the “terrible twos” (which didn’t start until A was three) which seemed to last until she was 10!  While I gave my mother more headaches when I was a teenager, A provided for me in elementary school.  The teenage years were a cakewalk!  Though I seriously wondered whether she’d make it that far.

Mom’s words sounded ominous then.  Today they take on a totally different meaning.  I think they do for both of us.  Her child (me) and mine have both grown up!

It all comes full circle?  Yes it does!  What goes around comes around?  You betcha!  You’ll get it back someday???  That would be a big YES!

Despite all the pride, worry, heartache, joy, tears, and headaches, it all boils down to one thing.  The love between a mother and daughter that deepens in a far different way as they meld together into womanhood… different stages in life still but more bonded than ever in understanding and love.  There are all the emotions there were before…. they just take on a totally different meaning.

What an amazing discovery to find out that I didn’t just love my mom…. I LIKE her!  And what a blessed feeling it was when my own looked at me during my last visit to her and said ” I REALLY like you Mom…. I don’t just love you!”  WOW! 

Yup….. instant tears!

So today and everyday….. thank you Mom!  For gritting your teeth so much, but most of all for your unflagging support and love through all those years and into the years to come… for “being there” even though there are miles that separate us… for helping to mold me into the woman I’ve become and am still becoming.

I love you!