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This is my second day home from the hospital after surgery and I’m finding my thoughts running in a zillion different directions with absolutely no direction to them whatsoever.  But I’m feeling the need to get back to writing even if what I write is definitely going to be disjointed… as that’s where I find my thoughts and feelings right now.

Revelations from the hospital bed?  The most often asked question after “What is your pain level?” is “HAVE YOU PASSED GAS YET?”  The biggest reason for celebration in the hospital other than getting up to walk or passing gas is what comes AFTER the passing gas.

I have not totally celebrated yet. (Ya’ll probably didn’t need to know that, but I believe in keeping it real)

No wonder I’m a little cranky!

More randomness…. yes I had to have an abdominal incision for surgery.  Ok…. I was prepared for it.  The doctor assured me it would only be a small bikini cut to which I kept assuring her that this body has not seen a bikini since high school and never will again but thank you for the thought.  I was not prepared however to be sutured with…..GLUE!

Wow!  Really kinda cool…. now if I can just keep from peeling the glue off my skin, I’m in good shape!’

Remember how we used to do that when we were kids? 

I want to write about two women who are the dearest people to my heart but at the moment I can’t do that without bursting into tears so that can wait for another time…. because Heaven only knows I have 6 more weeks of this!

I think my hormones are a little whacky!

I think we’ll be talking to the doctor about that on Wednesday!!!

J, your 3:30 am trips to bring me a cup of coffee before work meant more than you can possibly know….not just those trips but everything you do and did and will do…I’ll tell ya more when I won’t cry…..so hard…cuz I know I will now.

Pru, we’re years apart in age but from the moment I met you and C at church you have been a huge part of my life and heart.  That connection thing ya know?

God has blessed me so much with these two women in my life!

Ok, it’s time for a nap now