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It’s only my second day of “exile” from my daily life as I’ve known it for the last 7 years… days filled with the people surrounding me at work (who are not only co-workers but the dearest friends in the world) and challenging projects before coming home to unwind before the next day starts.  I’ve got 6 more weeks of this.  I think I may go nuts!!!

Yesterday I was occupied with getting ready to go to the hospital for the procedure that preceeds my surgery tomorrow.  While I had fleeting thoughts of wishing I were with my team, my head was filled with what had to be done that day.  And once I got home from the hospital?  My hours were spent conked out on the bed and resting.

Today is a different story.  Instead of sleeping in till later in the morning, I was up at 5:30, starting on my pot of morning coffee and thinking about my team at work and missing them and wondering what they were doing.

Come to think of it…. 5:30 WAS sleeping in since I’m usually up at 2:30!

I know I’ll get used to it…. eventually.  The next two weeks will probably be spent doing a LOT of resting after surgery.  And I have to admit that I’m looking forward to spending time on things that I haven’t been able to devote as much time to as I’d like…. delving deeper into the bible study that A sent me, cleaning out the “junk” drawer in the kitchen, reading voraciously, sitting outside and enjoying the breeze without feeling compelled to do the weeding, playing with the dogs and giving Laddie one of those much needed brushings (once I can get up off the ground that is!)… soooo many things.

But I miss my team and that won’t stop!  I hope they know how incredibly proud of them I am… and how much I care!