When I was a teenager (and even today), I could not get enough of the music of the band Chicago.  Their songs always seem to have a place in memories of times past… Colour My World was THE slow dance song at all school dances, wasn’t it?  And today, the one song that kept running through my mind was “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”

Part One of this two part surgery adventure began today at 6 am as I got up and started getting ready to head to the hospital for the outpatient part of this journey.  Off came the forbidden jewelry…. the bracelet, the earrings, the watch.  Oh Good Lord, the watch!  I did not quite realize just how dependant I’ve become on my watch until I couldn’t have it on my wrist.  And that snippet of song just would not leave my head!

Is it time to leave for the hospital?  According to the kitchen clock it is, but is it running slow again?  Am I going to be on time getting there?  The car clock always runs a little slow.  How long have I been here?  Is there a clock anywhere?  What time DID I get home from the hospital?  Did I sleep too long?  What time is it?

And then the second line hit me as I lay on the bed dozing…. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is??? Does anybody really care????

For the next 6 weeks it really will not matter what time it is.  My days will not be determined by my watch and what needs to be done in specific amounts of time.  My days will be determined only by taking whatever time is needed for myself…. to heal, to recuperate, to renew myself.

No watch will be needed to accomplish that!