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I am starting my first day of 6 weeks off sitting at the computer with my morning coffee while I write an email to my mom…. one dog laying at my feet and the other alternating between begging to be sitting in my lap and actually being there. 

These dogs are gonna be soooooooooo spoiled with 6 weeks of all-day attention from me!

Laddie has been my constant companion for the last 12 years.  He’s a gentle soul…. always seeming to sense when something is bothering me, always by my side, fiercely loyal and protective.  He is my heart!  Playful when the arthritis in his hips allow but always my “Steady Eddie”.

Sassy, the latest addition, is a coquette of undetermined age who seems to delight in the fact that there is another female in the house she can bond with.  She “adopted” Laddie and I not long ago.  She’s a snuggler and since she realizes she can actually get up onto my lap (Laddie can’t quite make it), she alternates between laying at my feet or working her way up for a good snuggle…. about 15 million times a day!

Neither are jealous of each other or the attention I pay to either one.  They’ve worked out a sharing companionship between the two of them.  Food and water dishes are shared equally  and each one of them takes turns “mother henning” the other one.  Sassy has learned Laddie’s “herding” techniques, often guiding HIM into the door instead of the other way around. And Laddie has learned to do a little bit of a “food dance” from Sassy even though he can’t quite do it with two front feet off the ground.

And between the two of them, I’ll have all the attention I’ll be able to take over the next 6 weeks.

You better believe I’m gonna spoil em!