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The plans for today were to get up around 7:30ish, get dressed, head for the store (even though I’m still on vacation) to get a few things that I need for the house and take J to breakfast if she’s got time when she gets off work.

The plans did NOT include being shaken awake at 4:35 this morning by an earthquake that registered 5.4 on the Reichter Scale.  And not just an earthquake….. the first one I’ve ever experienced!  I admit to being just a wee bit freaked.

I grew up in Kansas.. tornado country… the calm in the air before the store… the familiar sound of sirens warning of their impending approach… and the evental retreat to shelter after a check of the skies.  I’ve laid on top of my daughter as the winds howled around us upstairs, listening to what I knew of my small world being torn apart and reassuring her that it would all be ok.   I’ve stood outside and watched the violent beauty approach and worked at cleaning up what that power wrought.  I’ve wenched a beloved pear tree back into the ground, I’ve cleaned up what remained of the back shed, I’ve sorted through an entire library of books ruined when the roof came off the building and I’ve tried to save what I could from my yard after being pounded by literally a foot of huge hailstones.  And I’ve been fortunate… for many others lost far more than I did to the violence of nature.

What struck me as I laid there with the house literally shaking and rumbling around me for what seemed like forever (but was actually almost a minute) was that there was no warning, no sirens…. it was just THERE!

A not-so-gentle reminder that sometimes you just can’t plan on everything in life!  And another “life experience” to chalk up in the books of my life.