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The past two weeks have been full of events and emotions that are gentle reminders from God.  Reminders of the goodness of life within the struggles, of the power of love, of the joy of friendship, and of what life is really all about.  And proof positive that we can get through anything as long as there is friendship and love and God in our lives.

I am so blessed to count J not only as a co-worker, but as one of the dearest friends I have ever had in my life!  She has been my most ardent supporter in my new position at work and has opened her heart and her life to include my heart and my life.  She is honest and forthright and funny and tells it just like it is.  She’s passionate…. about life and her family and her friendships.  We can be ourselves with each other and we love each other just the way we are!  We laugh, we debate, we cry…. she has said I’m her inspiration.  In all actuality, she is mine as well!

J’s world was rocked this past week when her husband had to have emergency surgery which literally saved his life.  Rather than caving in to self-pity, she dug her heels into dealing with the problems they have and will face with an intensity that is rarely seen from most people.  The love she has for this man keeps her at his side every minute that she can be.  She encourages…. she rejoices over the “joyful noises” he’s made in the past few days… she watches over his hospital care like a hawk to make sure he gets what he needs… she delights in each little step of progress he makes.  And she worries that she is letting ME down at work and telling ME not to worry because I have so much on my plate too.

What an incredible inspiration this woman is to me!  She reminds me over this past week simply by her actions and her thoughts that it is love and devotion to the people who are your heart that matters most in this life.  The love she has for her husband and that he has for her is palpable.  What joyful hope it filled my heart with as I sat with them in his hospital room…. to love and be loved like that! 

What an honor it is to be this woman’s friend!  How blessed I am!