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Over the last few weeks at church, Pastor’s messages have been focused on something rather controversial… having a love affair.  Specifically a lifelong love affair with your spouse.  And while the message may seem to speak or mean more to those who are married, those of us who aren’t have found just as much in Pastor’s words that speak to us… and more importantly, give us hope!

I woke up today to find 2 inches of fresh snow with it still falling.  It would’ve been easy to stay inside still in pajamas and drinking coffee, but I found myself eager to get out, see the people who have come to mean so much to me, and hear what Pastor had to say today.  Little did I know that it would rock my world, causing me to reflect back 6 years ago when I made six promises to myself about how I wanted to live out the rest of my life. 

Pastor’s Steve’s message was about just that…. promises… covenants… between two people who are committed to each other in life whether married or not.  Promises that will keep the love affair between two people strong for life.  Because marriage and/or committment is not a contract… it is a covenant, a promise that is far deeper than any contract.

My promises to myself 6 years ago? They were aimed at the way I wished to live out the rest of my life whether or not there was ever another significant other person in my life again.

  • To live out my life in love every day, for myself and for others,making sure that those in my life could feel the full measure of it.
  • To live faithfully and loyally to God and those I love in my life.
  • To live each day totally devoted to God and those I love.
  • To go through my days with selflessness, thinking and serving others first.
  • To live with humility, knowing that I am not perfect or any better than any person on earth and not expecting anyone else to be
  • To live in total committment… to God and to the ones I love in my life.

I made those promises to myself at a time when there was no thought of having anyone in my life to share it with other than friends and family.  But as I sat there listening to Pastor’s words, I realized that the promises I made to myself then are just as relevant today as I find myself more ready now to have a significant other person sharing my life than I was then.  And it blew me away to realize that the promises to myself that have given my life such meaning will be even more meaningful and important in the scope of sharing life and love with a partner.

He knew where He was leading me even back then didn’t He?