The weathermen simply mention the remote possibility of snow around here and the kids have a snow day from school while the grownup people are expected to brave the elements and get to work no matter what the weather winds up being.  And in retail?  Heck we don’t close for something as simple as snow!  After all, it is a well known fact that by 11 AM, mothers are sick of the kids at home and decide they are going to get out and take them shopping NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.  After all… what better place to let them unleash their pent-up cabin fever fueled energy than in a large retail store?

Today I am not there because I decided to take myself a good old-fashioned snow day too! 

Not totally by choice.  There is really no snow on the ground.  More like a couple of inches of solid ice with drizzle continuing to fall on top of it.  And so, knowing that my little doodlebug car would balk totally at going up the hill required to get to the main drag, I called last night and told them I would not be attempting to come in to work. 

I NEVER do that unless I truly cannot function under my own steam!  I think the solid sheet of ice on everything falls in that category though.  Even Laddie is balking about going up and down the steps outside and that’s almost unheard of!  So at 8:30 in the morning, when I should be at work building gazebos and patio furniture for sale (which just seems wrong today), I am lazing around in my flannel jammies drinking coffee and plotting how to get out later.

Because I have an appointment for a haircut that has been re-scheduled 3 times over the last week and a half since poor Angie has been battling the flu, and at this point in time I am resembling Disney’s Shaggy Dog.  I can no longer tolerate peering out from underneath my bangs to see what the rest of the world is doing!  And if Angie makes it there, I’m gonna find a way.  After all, it’s only a block away.

Oh yeah….. it’s up that hill that the car won’t putt-putt up easily.  Ok so if I shuffle across the driveway, cut across the lot and walk along the grass at the side of the road maybe I’ll cut my chances of slipping and busting my keester… hmmmmm that might work.

Because I WILL be getting my hair cut today!