As I was driving to work at 3:30 this morning, Third Day playing on the stereo with me singing along, I was struck by the most incredible feeling of peace and contentment with my life and my days.  It took me back to a time many months ago when it felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.  I was on my way home after spending a few days with the Lizard … battling with decisions that would impact my life…. knowing I had to make the decision to let some things in my life go that weren’t and hadn’t been good for me in so many ways and wondering if I had the strength to follow through on them. 

I found that strength in the comfort of God’s hand on my shoulders and His words in my heart!  The decisions were made… and I let go with both hands.  I lost nothing.  In fact, I gained more than I ever would have imagined possible!

Peace of mind… a renewed energy for life…a sense of contentment and joy that echoes to other people in the words I speak and the smile that always seems to be on my face… determination and a swing  in my step as I go through my day…. a deeper dedication to the people who are my family and friends…. a patience of heart for the things that I may long for but have not yet gained…. a never ending sense of hope that those things will come to be…. a sense of calm in my voice and my heart… and above all, a steadfast devotion to my God and an unwavering trust in Him.

It must be obvious.  For one of the friends I work with made one of the most heartwarming comments to me the other day.  “I’ve known you for 6 years now and there’s never been a day when you haven’t had a smile and a kind word for anyone you meet.  There isn’t anyone who doesn’t want to know you or work for you.  But in these last months you’ve attacked life and each day with such joy and happiness and peace that it’s felt by everyone almost physically.  And it’s left noone untouched.”


Thank you Lord