I headed into work at 4 AM today laden down with heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies and brownies to share with my incredible team of workers… just a little something I’d decided the past week to do for Valentine’s Day because I wanted them to know how special they were.

Needless to say, they were delighted and the supply disappeared quickly over the next few hours.  It wasn’t so much the eats…. it was the thought that mattered the most to them.  That one thought-out expression of friendship and love put smiles on faces that stayed there all day!

And then the store opened.  The smiles stayed on OUR faces, but weren’t very apparent on those of the people rushing into the store.  Because today was Valentine’s Day and the rush was on!

It has been evident for the past month and a half that Valentine’s Day is February 14th…. today!  Why then is the store filled with people who can NOT believe that we only have a very limited supply of candy and that there are no fresher roses?  We don’t have any more Valentine’s wrapping paper?  These are ALL the cards?  That is the biggest box of candy you have?


Hmmmmm… did any of them ever stop to think that they might have come in just a few days or weeks earlier so they could find what they wanted?

Or perhaps that the best expression of how much one cares about people can be through the small gestures, the “thinking of you” things, the words that say ” you matter to me”. 

Kind of like chocolate chip cookies and brownies made like hearts FROM the heart said!

And not just today…… but every day!