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The milk of human kindness… showing compassion and kindness for others.  And a phrase that held double meaning yesterday for a group of people from our small but growing church and the random people that they touched in small ways.

For two hours we stood outside two local grocery stores, greeting people as they entered and giving them coupons for a free gallon of milk that day.  Why?  Simply to show God’s amazing love by passing it on with simple acts of kindness…. for no other reason than His love!

150 coupons left our hands yesterday along with cards inviting those who wanted to join us on a Sunday morning.  Some easily and some not so easily.  What’s the catch?  There is none…. it’s just something our church wanted to do.  Why?  Just because we want to pass on God’s love!  Really?  YUP!  Those who didn’t steer away from us with a quick refusal left with smiles on their faces and an openness that wasn’t there as they approached the store.  Even if just for a few minutes in time, they were open to God’s amazing love and that of His people.

Thank you’s, smiles and several bless you’s flew through the air as people who were recipients of our random act of kindness left the store.  We were told by several that they had passed on our coupons to those inside who needed it more.  One man insisted on leaving us $5, which unknowingly to him, allowed us to purchase milk for a young woman who arrived just minutes after we handed out the last of our coupons.  She was out of work, with three small children at home, had heard what we were doing and came to see if she could get a coupon for one gallon.  Through the kindness of that stranger, she left the store with 2 gallons that we were able to purchase for her… tears in her eyes, thanks on her lips, and God’s love filling her heart.

The hours touched the hearts of those from our church who gave of their time.  Who knows how many hearts it touched of those we came in contact with yesterday.  All I know is it certainly filled mine!

Amazing Love!!!