I got up today, took one look at the 8 inches of snow on the ground, headed for the shower, got into a clean pair of jammies and stayed in them all day long!  Everyone should allow themselves a day like that!

And these are not ordinary pajamas, people.  These pajamas are a statement!

These are pajamas that can be called “so ugly they’re cute”.  And they come with a $25 price tag which I steadfastly refuse to pay even to this day. 

Two years ago, I was walking through the store and heard these pajamas calling my name.  Seriously….. they had SUSAN written all over them and anyone who knows me will agree.  Pink flannel with such a variety of coffee cups on them that it boggled the mind!  I drooled, I whimpered…. and I passed them up that day but they didn’t leave my head.  Each day I passed them, they taunted me until one day I caved in.  They were on sale for $14.99.  I struggled, I rationalized…. I came home with the pajamas and immediately put them on.

HEAVEN!  I was hooked.  I wanted more but I still wasn’t going to pay full price for them.  I waited until they went on clearance…. hoping that my size would still be left when they got to a price I would pay for them.  And somehow when the sign said 75% off…. there they were!

So now I have choices…. between the ones with the coffee cups on them…. or perhaps the sock monkeys bowling… the penguins ice skating…. the hippy chick dolls…. the Milkbone dog ones…. the pink flamingos in Santa hats outside an Airstream trailer…. the yard gnomes…. and last but not least?  The lobsters sitting on a “Santa Claws” chair that some friends gave me for Christmas.

Maybe I should be concerned about what my choice of jammies says about me, but I’m not!  For what it says is “I am who I am”.

Love me…… love my jammies!