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Yesterday the road started bending…. and I started turning!!!

I started the day listening to peers congratulate me on my move…. I listened to the guest service people I worked with on a daily basis talk about WHATEVER WILL THEY DO WITHOUT ME THERE… I listened to my new team talk about how relieved they were that it was me taking over… I sat in on meetings that I’d never had a chance to sit in on because suddenly they involved me… I worked on the salesfloor and slapped my hand everytime I reached for the walkie to respond to a front end call… I rallied the crew to pick up that product and push it to the floor so we could stock shelves… I leafed through seemingly endless reams of paper (of which I will learn more about today) feeling a bit like I was trying to read Greek… I helped an endless stream of guests who had questions… and I kept battling the feeling that I was a fish just a little bit out of the water…

Yet I kept turning to meet the road.

And I woke up today at 4 am to another harsh realization… there IS a buttcrack of dawn!!!  It is dark…. and it is cold…. Laddie even looked at me like I was nuts when I let him out this early.  And next week I will know it more intimately since I have to BE at work by 4 am and not just getting up to get ready to go.  How much coffee WILL it take when I wake up at 2 am to get my mind less fuzzy and my eyes less crossed???

Guess I’ll find out….. cuz people….. I’m making the turn!!!