The letdown after the busyness of the holidays began today.  I went through my day at work feeling very alone in the world for some reason, making small talk with shoppers who were loading up on the 90% off bargains that they found and working to reach past the feelings that I was having in an effort to simply touch people in some positive way through the day even though I felt the opposite.

Does the smile on my face really matter to people or help them to smile in some small way?

Is a moment of simple conversation really that important to people whether I know them or not?

Have I made ANYONE’S day better with the small amount of attention I was giving them?

Or was I just as I felt…. alone.

One moment of idle chatter… the mention of the fact that the cashier and I were having a SERIOUS chocolate craving… the guest mentioning that what she really had a craving for was a Hostess SnoBall… remember those???  The coconutty, marshmallowy yummy goodness???

Well I melted in a puddle with the thought!  Laughed and made the comment that if she decided to go across the street to the Hostess store like she was saying, she should just stand outside and lob SnoBalls across the street at me.  We laughed…. she left…. and I went back to work.

Fifteen minutes later I was called to the front and given a package of SnoBalls with the message from the woman who had just been in the store to enjoy it and my day.  And I was very nearly close to tears.

For with one small gesture, an unknown woman took a moment to give me the gift of something so precious…. her time and her thoughtfulness.  Something that I try to do every minute of the day.

Does it matter?  OH YES!!!  For at that moment, I realized that all the little things that I take the time to do for people during the day can matter to someone more than I’ll ever know.

Whoever you are, thank you for that package of SnoBalls… and the love and caring for another person that lay behind it.

I didn’t feel so alone anymore!