I came home late last night from work, bone tired, feet aching, weary from dealing with the demands of the day.  When I turned on my computer, I was greeted by the usual daily email from my mom as well as one from my daughter Amy.  Amy’s schedule is hectic to say the least.  She’s working on her master’s thesis at LSU and finds herself in the throes of finals and papers and proposal defenses, and the time isn’t there for lengthy emails or phone calls.  We most often play phone tag with each other, leaving messages of I love you on them for each other.   And when I opened this treasured email, I understood what my mom meant in hers when she asked if I knew what this beautiful girl-child of mine had done.

It seems that Amy had chosen to submit a journal entry that she’d written sometime earlier to Radiant Magazine, a publication geared towards the 20 something Christian woman.  And it was published in the current issue as the featured article.  So I spent the next hour or so reading…. and re-reading…. and reading again.

And marveling at this girl-child of mine that God has so blessed!

Proud of her? Oh YES I AM!!!!  And not so much for having something published.  More than anything I am proud of her for the life and heart insights that God led her to share.  I marvel at the wisdom this child has in her heart that has often been more wise than that of her mother at times.  And I can’t help but wonder at the number of young women who might read this story and find something that speaks to their heart and perhaps helps and comforts them in some way.  What struggles will be looked at and healed as a result of her words and her sharing? 

You can read Amy’s article “Running Toward Obedience” here.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of this child in my life and the lives of others!  And most especially for blessing HER heart with your Love!

She’s a True Beauty!  (Sing it Mandisa!)