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We all know that living with and loving someone takes compromise and a whole lot of love.  There are quirks that we just don’t understand, that we grit our teeth over and silently deal with them all in the name of love.

I live with my dog!  Laddie is a 12 year old Sheltie who is a huge part of my heart.  He’s patient, loving, ever loyal, listens to my ramblings like he knows what I’m saying…but he has a quirk that drives me beserk!

There is a basket by the door.  He has a rope toy, a squeaky toy, several balls, and an obnoxious wreath that plays “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.  But what does he prefer?

My socks!

Mind you, he doesn’t chew on them.  He daintily plucks them out of the laundry basket one by one and leaves a trail of them through the house leading to the front door.  Does he think I don’t know where it is???  When asked to please leave them alone, he simply wanders off for another one to deposit on the trail.  And when all have been accounted for, he comes to find me, laying his head on my lap and looking at me with those eyes that melt my heart.  Mission accomplished Mom.

So I overlook it and laugh and shake my head and wonder what on earth is going through this dog’s mind when he does that.  And I love him!

I’m grateful that I’ll always know where the front door is.

Guess I should also be grateful it’s just my socks!